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The Problem

Global diets have seen a huge rise in consumption of easily digested high-sugar foods. These foods cause sharp spikes and rapid falls in postprandial glucose levels. Excessive consumption of these foods have led to an increase diet-associated diseases such as Type II Diabetes, placing large social and economic stain on our health systems.

Despite extensive research on the impact of consuming these foods, cases of Type II Diabetes and other health problems continue to rise. At MVPea we want to unlock the potential of pea-based products to provide healthier food choices.

Our Technology

A research collaboration between the John Innes Centre, the Quadram Institute of Biosciences and Imperial College London revealed the special carbohydrate make-up of MVP01 results in slower digestion and smaller blood sugar spikes after consumption relative to other pea varieties. Thus, from the long-term perspective, consumption of wrinkled peas (by themselves or in a mixture with other food) reduces the risk of type two diabetes.

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💡 : Introducing our game-changing peas, born from the brilliant minds of scientific researchers and a healthy dose of innovation. Our peas feature an unprecedented amount of resistant starch, making them the perfect choice for those who want to slow down their carb absorption and keep their glycemic index low.

But don't just take our word for it - check out the scientific article in Nature that inspired our innovative product : A natural mutation in Pisum sativum L. (pea) alters starch assembly and improves glucose homeostasis in humans | Nature Food  It's an exhilarating read that will leave you eager to try our exceptional peas and experience the difference for yourself.

Did you know that not all peas are created equal? Check out these cool microscope images of cooked smooth peas (on the left) and cooked wrinkled peas (on the right)! The wrinkled peas have a unique structure that makes them more resistant to cooking and digestion compared to smooth peas.


This is because the starch granules in wrinkled peas are protected by a layer of dietary fiber that shields the starch from digestion. So when you eat wrinkled peas, you're getting more resistant starch, which can help slow down carb absorption and keep your blood sugar levels stable.


But don't worry, these protective fiber walls don't affect the taste or texture of the peas - they're just as delicious and nutritious as smooth peas.

Images of cooked common peas (on the left) and our MVPea’s peas (on the right) under a microscope. The structure of the starch granules in our peas is more resistant to cooking and digestion compared to the normal peas! The intact plant cells are surrounded by a protective cell wall (also known as 'dietary fibre', stained light brown) that shields the starch (stained blue) inside the cells from digestion.

Certified Health Benefits

We have obtained certification and an approved health claim from the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) and the Great Britain nutrition and health claims register (NHC) confirming consumption of MVP01 helps maintain the glycemic index level. We initially aim to use the MVP01 peas in a healthy snack, with the long-term goal of taking more pea varieites with beneficial health properties to market. We satisfy the criteria needed to align with the following health claim.

💡 : Our MVP01 peas have been proven to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy glycemic index level. resulting in their certification from the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) and Great Britain's nutrition and health claims register (NHC). We are initially introducing these peas as snacks with future plans of bringing other pea varieties boasting advantageous health properties into market. As part of this mission, we confirm that all criteria needed to effectively meet our goal is being met.

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