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About us

MVPea Ltd. started as the project of early career researchers from the University of East Anglia and Norwich Research Park. Our team developed ideas in the i-Teams program, and subsequently established a spin-out company from the John Innes Centre.


Our co-founders come together from different scientific and business backgrounds to share an unanimous belief in making the world a better place through scientific discovery. We are doing that through the Most Valuable Peas.

Our strategy is to bring cutting-edge research to market by commercialising pea varieties with high nutritional values and accredited health claims. Currently, we are focused on two business models - B2C and B2B.


B2C: We aim to develop new and unique food products under our own branding to sell directly to the consumers.

B2B: We aim to provide existing industry and manufacturing lines (e.g. frozen peas/canning) with our pea varieties and materials to increase their product's values and nutritional content.

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