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Project Pea Snacks

Whole-pea Snacks

We will make our pea snack unique by integrating an original flavouring and enhanced texture. We are developing four distinct flavours not currently present on the market – wasabi rocket, watermint, low-sodium salt, and mixed berries. Our low-sodium salt flavour introduces new technology offering a healthier alternative to traditional salt. Additionally, we are creating both sweet and savoury varieties, making us unique in this space and also appealing to a wider audience.

In this project, we are collaborating with Norwich University of the Arts, who are assisting us with consumer and market research, alongside with the product’s branding development.

Project Frozen can

The Canned and Frozen

The establishment of the B2B channel by supplying our MVP01 materials to the pea canning and frozen pea industries. Currently, we are collaborating with Quadrum Institute to perform a component analysis for the industrial application.

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